Sunday, May 31, 2009

News, Challenges, Sales, ....

I told you that I had a bunch of stuff to share with you this weekend so get ready for a long post. First off, I have made the decision to be an exclusive designer at Scrapable. This was a difficult decision for me because I wanted to remain loyal to the first store that gave me an opportunity to sell my designs but I simply did not have the time to devote to 2 stores due to our personal business taking up more and more time. The offer to be exclusive is a good opportunity for me to shift gears and do a little less juggling and will hopefully give me a little more time to design and learn from other designers through store collaboration kits and forum participation, which was not part of DigiScrapShop. To celebrate this good news, I decided to have a huge sale starting tomorrow June 1st through the 7th with everything in my store being 50% off. In addition, since I am now an exclusive designer, I decided to jump in with both feet this month so I'm hosting 2 challenges that I think will be a lot of fun. The first one is called Lazy Day Challenge and it works like this. I have selected a completed layout from our gallery at Scrapable and I will challenge you to scrap a layout in the same style but with your own personal touches. I've already completed my layout to get people started. Wanna see?!I was fortunate to have one of the designers at Scrapable let me use her kit to complete my layouts. It's a really fun kit from Spinky Dink Scraps titled "Spinky Spanky." Here's the kit preview. I love the bright colors, textures and acrylic elements that are included in this kit. If your interested, the preview is clickable and will take you to her store.Now the other challenge that I am hosting is a new one called Island Manuscript and it's right up my alley because I'm addicted to fonts. This challenge is going to be fun! Here's how it works. I give you a font and challenge you to use it on a layout. Sounds easy right! But I'm going to challenge you to use this font as much as possible on your layout, which could be a little tricky because the font I have chosen is fun and funky. I've completed a layout for this challenge as well. Can you figure out which font I'm using in the challenge?So since I'm hosting these 2 challenges, I thought it would be a perfect time to introduce another blog contest. Are you ready for another contest? This one is going to require some work. I would love to have you participate in 1 or both of the challenges I'm hosting at Scrapable. So here is what we are going to do:

  1. You participate in 1 or both of challenges I am hosting
  2. Let me know you participated because I might not recognize you
  3. I will gather up all the layouts and post in a slide show here on this blog
  4. We will then vote for our favorite layout
  5. Winner will receive a store coupon for 1 free kit of your choice
If enough people participate, I will orchestrate a vote on each challenge thus 2 winners, otherwise, we will just combine them all into 1 big contest. These challenges run the whole month of June so you have plenty of time to get in a layout. Here is the thread for forum. Under Island Challenges and Contests you will find a thread for each challenge. Simply look for either Lazy Day or Island Manuscript and I'll have all the instructions and the download link for the font we will be using. You have to register in order to participate but registration comes with it's own rewards so it's worth the effort.

I have one more thing to show you. Tomorrow we have a new store
collaboration kit schedule for release titled "Pink Punk'in" that is really cool. This kit will sell for $6.00 and with each purchase you are then eligible to receive one of our other store collaboration kits absolutely free. If I were you, I would pick the "One Kit For All Families" collaboration as my freebie because it is mega-sized huge. Here are the previews for Pink Punk'in.

Oh hey, I almost forgot. What do you think of my makeover? I decided to freshen up a bit and get rid of a few things, update a few things and do some general house cleaning. Now if I could just find the time to do this for myself.

Don't forget -- 50% off all week long at Scrapable. I'll be back tomorrow with a quick freebie.

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  1. Those kits look great, and I love the new blog look, so fresh!


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