Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sweet Babies and a Challenge

I've been challenged twice for the 6th Picture Challenge so I better get busy and pass it along. I was first tagged by one of my faithful blog followers, Dianna from Digicats and then by the one of my fellow designers at DigiScrapShop the lovely Teri from Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs Here's how it works:
•Go to your photo folder in your computer
•Go to the 6th folder of photos
•Go to the sixth picture
•Put the picture on your blog and a description of it
•Invite six friends to join the challenge
•Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged!

So my 6th folder in My Photo's folder just happens to be one of my favorites because it contains all the pictures I've taken of my flowers over the years and the 6th picture in that folder is below.

This is a Asiatic Lily that is about 3 years old in one of my flower beds and it get a lot of attention from people walking by because it gets so tall. This past summer it was almost 4ft tall and a goregous fushcia color. I can't wait to see what it does this year.

So now I'm going to challenge the following people and some of my blog followers to post their 6th photo:

Sammy from Sammy's Rambles because I know she takes a lot of pictures and posts on her blog
Jeanette from Easy Custom Blogs - she's our blogger guru
Judy from Tagger Paws - cute blog that she loves to use to share her new layouts and photos of her cute little Yorkie's
Xashee from Xashee's Corner - faithful blog follower that is always kind enough to leave a nice comment - thank you Xashee!
Sharon from Scrapcat's Scrap Crap - another faithful blog follower and she's a retired fire fighter - how cool is that!
Cris from All About Cris - another follower that is generous with her comments.

Now on to the freebie! Yipee!

Boy did it get cold here fast. Brrr! Temp's in the low 20's and very windy makes for a couple of bone chilling days. So I've spent the last couple of days concentrating on creating some new designs for my store and then I realized I didn't have a freebie ready. So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm offering a new design as a freebie but it will only be available for a couple of days to my lovely blog followers, hey, that's you. Once I remove the link it will be placed in a four pack for sale in my store. Hope you like them. I played around with an action I bought a while back from Atomic Cupcake to make the building block alphas. Aren't they cute!

Sorry this link has expired but a version will be available soon in my store.


  1. These are really cute! But, i clicked to download the girl one and it was the boy one and I'd actually like both. Thanks

  2. Same problem with the links that the first commenter had. Great job on the WA though; thanks awfully for sharing it with us!

  3. Hi Kathy! I love your wordarts!! Thanls for sharing them! Cris

  4. PS: Lol, I must admit I went straight to the downloading part, then the thanking and when I came back for the "checking if the comment appears" part I realized you've challenged me!!!! ROFL
    I'm quite new to this blog word so I don't really have many friends yet (lol, poor me). I mean I don't know who to challenge, but I'll do my part anyway and I'll try to get 6 more ppl engaged in this (hehe, asking if they want to first). But hey! thanks for thinking of me. Hugs, Cris
    BTW I just love your flowers!!

  5. Thank you thank you! They are so cute! :)

  6. Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 Feb [LA 07:00pm, NY 10:00pm] - 20 Feb [UK 03:00am, OZ 02:00pm] ).

  7. Love your wordart!!! Thank you! :)

  8. These are so adorable! Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful work! :o)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your AWESOME wa!! i really LOVE your creations! :)
    oh and thank you for tagging me too!! how much FUN are these?! :)
    that lily is AMAZING!!!
    Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

  10. Oh that is absolutely my favorite kind of flower. I love asiatic lilies of all colors. Thank you for this taste of summer. I'll just sit here for awhile and look at your flowers if you don't mind. *sigh*

  11. Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Boy/Prince, Girl/Princess, Babies, Children, Character(s) Theme post on Feb. 20, 2009. Thanks again.

  12. Just what I was looking for! Thanks

  13. very cute freebie today! I just started singing my 5 month old daughter the twinkle twinkle song so this is so perfect! I was also going to tag you in the sixth picture challenge, so I see you've already posted it, but I'll leave the link to your blog on my post anyways!! :)

  14. Thanks for the freebie - I am just worried about the challenge thoug. 6th Folder, 6th photo, 6 friends? See what I mean?


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