Monday, February 23, 2009

New Store Items

Hello all! We got slammed with another snow storm on Saturday - picked up another 5 inches. According to our local news, this is now the 6th snowiest winter on record here in Michigan. Although it's good news for the Great Lakes water levels, were all tired of winter. Where are you Spring?

I've been busy designing new products to add to my store. Below are previews for the three (3) new kits I added today. I'm finishing up kits in the following themes: Home, Wedding/Marriage, and Pregnancy and I hope to have them added by the end of the week.
I'm going to try to be back later with a freebie and I would like to get some input from you guys on what other themes you would like to see me tackle. Is there something unusual that you haven't been able to find that you'd like to see me offer? Feel free to make suggestions. I love a challenge! If I get enough suggestions, I can make a poll on the blog and work my way down the list by votes. I'm also thinking about having a contest were you will be able to win one of my 4-packs. Sounds like fun, hey!


  1. First I'll go check all your previous Wordart, thwn I'll try to come up with some ideas... or at least one ;). Cris

  2. Love your wordart!
    I can never find some nice ones for the Jewish Holidays and got loads of family snapshots of Jewish New Year, Passover etc.
    I do find sometimes general wordarts as "Happy Holidays" or "happy new year" but than it has snowflakes in it or fireworks etc.

  3. Your new store products look WONDERFUL!! i LOVE your wa!! :) Have an AWESOME day!

  4. My husband is an avid hunter, and I have never seen a hunting word art!! One saying that is in all his hunting video's (and it doesn't matter how large the deer actually is) after the deer goes down someone always says.."that's a gooood buck". I think it's hilarious. I'm not sure what other sayings you would put in there though...maybe "you wascally wabbit" hehe


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my freebie. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed designing it for your scrapbook layouts.